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Kathy is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Louisiana (6476). She completed her Master’s degree in Counseling from Sam Houston State University.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Louisiana State University.  She is a member of Texas Counselors Association and American Association of Christian Counselors.

Kathy has 10 years of experience working for local counseling agencies in Houston.  She provided individualized and group counseling to children, women, adolescents, couples and families.  She has served the public school system for 30 years as a school counselor and educator.

Kathy has a special interest in encouraging and supporting children, individuals, couples, and families through life challenges.  Her desire is to empower her clients to explore and develop techniques to overcome anxiety, anger depression, family & school issues, relationship issues, grief and personal concerns.

Kathy Manuel

Licensed Professional Counselor


B.S. (Education)

Gottman Training I, II (Couples, Marriage Counseling)

DBT (Suicide, Depression, Eating Disorders, OCD, Substance Abuse, BPD)
American Association of Christian Counselors

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